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March 29, 2020

Justice League

Superman #15 (Review)

Superman #15 (review) DC Comics, March 2017 Writer: Peter J TomasiThe cover to this issue of “Superman” depicts the globally-famous caped and omnipotent superhero clutching, all of all things, a masked rabbit, and resolutely facing into a powerful wind. Around him are the damaged indicia and equipment his apparently defeated colleagues. These absent ones are

The Oppressive Stink: Justice League #1 Rebirth – Directors’ Cut

“Justice League #1 Rebirth – Directors’ Cut” DC Comics, December 2016 Writer: Bryan Hitch Most people have heard of London’s famous river, the Thames. Another prominent river in London was called the Fleet River (Fleet Street, the home of London’s newspaper industry, is named after the Fleet River). During Roman times, the Fleet River was

Justice League #1 Rebirth (review)

Justice League #1 Rebirth (review) (DC Comics, September 2016) Writer: Bryan Hitch Writer Bryan Hitch has a better reputation as an artist than a writer. As a consequence of his efforts on a number of titles, Mr Hitch has developed notoriety as a “widescreen” artist, someone who draws blockbuster movie style action in comics. “Justice

Justice League #50: The Broken Springboard

Justice League #50 (review) (DC Comics, May 2016) Writer: Geoff Johns As the fiftieth issue of this title, American publisher DC Comics have published an extra long issue, concluding an ongoing story line entitled “The Darkseid War”. The Justice League are a collection of DC Comics’ principal character assets, teamed-up and pitted against various threats

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