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May 8, 2021


no place like space

Worse Things Happen At Sea v No Place Like Space (Comparative Review)

Worse Things Happen At Sea v No Place Like Space No-Brow Press, 2017 / Helio Press, 2017 Writer (and artist) of “Worse Things Happen At Sea: Kellie Strøm Writer (and artist) of “No Place Like Space”: Ashley Ronning When is a comic a comic? Independent publisher No Brow Press has a series of illustrated books

Black Hiway

Tales from the Black Hiway Volume 1 (Review)

Tales from the Black Hiway Volume 1 Atomic Werewolf Studio / Pitch Black Comics, 2018 Writer: Rick Forgus Southern Gothic, that sweaty literary offspring of the American Gothic of Poe, Lovecraft, and Hawthorne, is a horror sub-sub genre. Southern Gothic usually invokes the swampland of Louisiana, the decay of the postbellum South, the outlandishly grotesque

Mild Frenzy Collection Volume 1 (Review)

Mild Frenzy Collection Volume 1 Self-published, April 2018 Writer: Iqbal Ali Mild Frenzy is a collection of very short vignettes, each in comic book form. As collections of short stories go, the topics from the single author, Iqbal Ali, is more akin to rapidly turning a kaleidoscope. Frequently your reviewer was left after a three

Ghost Island

Ghost Island #1 and 2 (Review)

Ghost Island #1 and 2 Afterlight Comics, 2017-2018 Writer: Joseph Oliveira Do not be deterred by the cliched title. Ghost Island, a horror comic book written by Joseph Oliveira, is a figurative and literally excursion into caged horror. More specifically, the plot involves a nascent theme park set on an isolated island, and which features

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