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May 7, 2021



Writer: Justin Jordan Art: Donal Delay Image Comics, Valentine’s Day, 2018 FACE IT YOU KNOW how it feels. Love hates you. You are a complete clod, a horrible fraud, totally clumsy and inept, and not in a cute way. People rappel away from you, gravity exhales around you in flushing torrents, and eventually you want

Rocket Girl Volumes 1 and 2 (review) – A world’s fate rests on you

Writer: Brandon Montclare Art: Amy Reeder Image Comics, 2014 and 2017 RHYMES AND REASONS FOR ROMANCE PERSIST. Placing a young teen girl in a skin-tight flightsuit would not usually appeal to me, due to the improbability, feels cooked-up for a market demographic, which appears to be exactly how the time traveler police girl from the

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