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September 24, 2020


Coyotes #1 (Review)

Coyotes #1 Image Comics, November 2017 Writer: Sean Lewis Coyotes is a new comic book series from American publisher Image Comics. It is set in the fictional city of Lost Girls somewhere in Mexico. Lost Girls is plagued by a series of gruesome deaths involving numerous coyotes that attack its citizens, with young women being

Purgatory: First Circle (#1) – Lucid (#2) REVIEW

Purgatory: First Circle (#1) Purgatory: Lucid (#2) www.purgatorythecomic.com Writer: Don Juan Mancha III What if life after death was a different form of life? What if you needed to eat, drink, sleep, and take medication, but could remember your previous life and remember the details of your death? Writer Don Juan Mancha III has created

John Carpenter’s Tales of Science Fiction: Vault #1 (Review)

John Carpenter’s Tales of Science Fiction: Vault #1 (Review) Storm King Comic, July, 2017 Writer: James Ninness “John Carpenter’s Tales of Science Fiction” is a new horror anthology series from Storm King Comics. This imprint is the publishing arm of American film director John Carpenter and his wife/collaborator Sandy King’s production company, Storm King Productions.

Zakudoh #1 (review)

Zakudoh #1 Self-published, 2017 Writer: Justin Phillips Writer Justin Phillips has created a comic called “Zakudoh”, a curious melange of horror and martial arts. In this story, Zakudoh Stoner is a boy who has fallen from great height, through a window, and landed on the road in front of a good Samaritan driving a truck.

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