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September 19, 2019


Deadpool: Bad Blood (Review)

Deadpool: Bad Blood Marvel Comics, May 2017 Writers: Rob Liefeld, Chris Sims, Chad Bowers There are two common (and easily-corrected through a rapid Google search) misconceptions about US publisher Marvel Comics’ very popular character property, “Deadpool”. First, that the character was created by artist/writer Rob Liefeld, a man who was both prolific and controversial for

Deadpool Versus The Punisher #1 (Review)

Deadpool Versus The Punisher #1 Marvel Comics, April 2017 Writer: Fred Van Lente Some comic book readers may be tempted to avoid the new crossover miniseries “Deadpool Versus The Punisher” purely on principle. The blatant commercial opportunism in the concept does not suggest any quality. On its track record, American comic book publisher Marvel Comics’

Foolkiller #1 (review)

Foolkiller #1 (review) Marvel Comics, November 2016 Writer: Max Bemis “Foolkiller” #1 is the start of a new mini-series from American publisher Marvel Comics. It focuses on an anti-hero character, the Foolkiller, first introduced in the pages of the comic “Man-Thing” #3, which was published in March, 1974. The character is obscure but has gone

Deadpool: Back in Black #1 (Review)

“Deadpool: Back in Black” #1 (Review) Marvel Comics, October 5, 2016 Writer: Cullen Bunn The character “Deadpool” occupies a unique space in American comic book publisher Marvel’s rich portfolio of properties. While Deadpool is part of the continuity shared by all of their mainstream properties, the character is given the ability to break the fourth

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