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21st May 2022

Dark Knight III, The Master Race (revisited)—“Fierce determination tutorial from master to master”

Writers: Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello Artists: Andy Kubert, Frank Miller and others DC Comics, 2016 RESOLUTION IS THE HEART OF POWER is very often the message of heroes, asserting that will matters most to overcome impossible odds. Of course good will is also slaughtered by bad odds, and some ingenuity may be required as … Read more

Pennyworth #1 (of 7) (review)

Writer: Scott Bryan Wilson Artist: Juan Gedeon DC Comics, October 2021 Pennyworth, featuring long-time comic book butler and aide-de-camp to Batman, Alfred Pennyworth, is a limited series currently being published by DC Comics. A cynic might say that the timing of this comic book’s release is intended to coincide with the latest, long-delayed James Bond … Read more

Checkmate (review) (2021)

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis Artist: Alex Maleev DC Comics, August 2021 Writer Brian Michael Bendis catches a lot of grief from online readers of superhero comics. The snappy and colloquial dialogue, the in-depth knowledge of American superhero continuity, and the character-driven storylines seem to irritate as much as please the obsessive readership. That readership, by … Read more

Superman and The Authority #1 (of 4) (review)

Writer: Grant Morrison Artist: Mikel Janín DC Comics, July 2021 I’ll never get tired of saying this: Grant Morrison’s Superman is the definitive version of the character. All-Star Superman is my favorite version of the character by far, because I believe it embodies everything a good Superman should be. He’s kind, he never imposes his … Read more