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October 22, 2018


Savage Things #1 (review)

Savage Things #1 Vertigo Comics, March 2017 Writer: Justin Jordan In the 1963 paper titled “The Threat to Kill,” psychiatrist J.M. Macdonald proposed the concept of a so-called “homicidal triad” – animal cruelty, pyromania, and persistent bedwetting – as directly linked to homicidal or sexual predatory behavior upon reaching a certain age.

Biblical Grandeur: Lucifer #14-15 (Review)

Lucifer #14-15 DC Comics, January-February, 2017 Writer: Richard Kadrey The 14th issue of Vertigo’s relaunch of the Lucifer comic book series is notable for two reasons. First, it marks the start of a new story arc. The previous issue (which we have reviewed before) was a holiday special that serves as a much needed break

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