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February 20, 2019


5 Iconic Filipino Comic Book Heroes

The trap of listing iconic comic book characters from the Philippines is that comparisons to Western properties are inevitable. Most of the characters listed below take visual and conceptual cues from other globally popular properties. But to focus solely on the blatant similarities evident in comparisons would ignore the fact that the superhero genre in

The “Superhero” Trademark: how the name of a genre came to be owned by DC and Marvel, and how they enforce it

Our publication has a category devoted to “superheroes”. It is a genre to which we have paid disproportionate attention, primarily because it is in English (the language of most of our contributors) and because of the sheer volume of superhero-genre material generated primarily by American publishers. But what does the word “superhero” actually denote? The

Medisin #1 (Review)

Medisin #1 Action Lab Entertainment, May 2017 Writer: Jeff Dyer, Mark McKeon Comic books that delve into the often catastrophic consequences of massive super hero and villain brawls are not new. Iconic comic book titles such as Garth Ennis’ “The Boys”, Warren Ellis’ “The Authority”, and Marvel Comics’ “Damage Control” have all considered what happens