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October 16, 2018

Rick Remender

Tokyo Ghost: Hardcover Collected Edition (Review)

Tokyo Ghost (hardcover collected edition) Image Comics, July 2017 Writer: Rick Remender Primitivism, the melange of both wistful fantasy and philosophy, is founded in the premise that a simpler life is inherently better than the complexity of modern life. It has its Anglophone origins with Matthew Arnold, an English writer who espoused through his work

A Eulogy for Marcus: Deadly Class #1-22

Deadly Class #1-22 (review) Image Comics, 2015-2016 Writer: Rick Remender Marcus Lopez Arguello died in late 1987 – the exact date is unclear – aged only fifteen. Marcus’ friends, and we are amongst them, will properly assert that his death was a shameful waste. In the freefall of violence in which Marcus spent most of his