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July 18, 2019

marvel comics

Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock (Review)

Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock Marvel Comics, February 2018 Writer: Gerry Duggan Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock is a new single-issue superhero-genre publication from American comic book publisher Marvel Comics. It is intended to kick off the “Infinity Countdown” publisher-wide crossover event, an annual exercise in commercial cynicism in which the reader must buy multiple Marvel Comics

Seven Chemical Elements From a Fictional Comic Book Periodic Table

For decades, comic book writers, desiring their audience to engage in a suspension of disbelief, turn to fuzzy chemistry to provide explanations for that which is otherwise inexplicable. These fictional elements fall into three broad categories. The first category is that the metals enhance the powers and abilities of various characters by being the metal

moon girl

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #27 (Review)

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #27 Marvel Comics, January 2018 Writer: Brandon Montclare At World Comic Book Review, we try to critique first issues or the beginnings of new story arcs whenever possible, but occasionally we find ourselves considering an issue which has been pulled out of an ongoing story. Marvel Comics’ decision to include

Star Wars: DJ – Most Wanted (Review)

Star Wars: DJ – Most Wanted Marvel Comics, January 2018 Writers: Ben Acker & Ben Blacker Star Wars: DJ – Most Wanted is a single issue spin-off comic published by American publisher Marvel Comics, built upon the colossal pop culture foundations of Disney/LucasFilm’s science fiction franchise, Star Wars. For the most part. Star Wars focuses

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