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February 23, 2019


Our favourite comic book infographics for 2017 so far…

Occasionally we engage in something frivolous, and almost always that exercise in goofing off is to do with infographics. We have previously listed our top ten infographics for 2016 and now, three-quarters of the way through the year, these are our leaders in the race in 2017. 1. Manga’s most famous thief, Lupin III, has

5 Iconic Filipino Comic Book Heroes

The trap of listing iconic comic book characters from the Philippines is that comparisons to Western properties are inevitable. Most of the characters listed below take visual and conceptual cues from other globally popular properties. But to focus solely on the blatant similarities evident in comparisons would ignore the fact that the superhero genre in

The Eight Most Iconic Guns in Comic Books

Guns and comic books have a long-standing relationship, but the use of guns in comic books very much dependent upon the respective comic book sub-genre. War-themed comic books published during World War Two and after featured characters which had, as a rule, no qualms about shooting dead opposing soldiers in often stylised, bloodless battle scenes.