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August 22, 2019


Going Home Again: David Hahn’s Private Beach Highlights Comics’ Strength at Returning to Old Territory

Dipping a toe into the large and varied world of indie and mature reader fare in 2002 might have resulted in the chance encounter with a rare gem of a mini-series called “Private Beach: Fun and Perils in the Trudyverse”. This title was born at a crossroad between the ’90s slacker flick “Reality Bites”, and

A dream! A hoax! An imaginary story!

“A dream! A hoax! An imaginary story!” The amazing team-up blog of Ross Pearsall. Review by DG Stewart, 14 January 2015 Blogger and creative talent Ross Pearsall has been the subject of many online discussions relating to his remarkably creative and fun work in producing fictional comic book covers on the site Super-Team Family: …the