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May 27, 2019


No Capes Here: The Wildstorm #1 (review)

The Wildstorm #1 DC Comics, April 2017 Writer: Warren Ellis British writer Warren Ellis has been tapped by DC Comics to redevelop the stable of superhero characters which it acquired in 1999 from artist Jim Lee. Mr Lee’s business was known as Wildstorm Comics, and was a bright star in the otherwise dim constellation which

REVIEW: Symmetry #1

Symmetry #1 (review) (Image Comics/Top Cow, December 2015) Writer: Matt Hawkins This intelligent, compelling comic by writer (and editor) Matt Hawkins has its roots manifestly embedded in “The Time Machine”, a book written by H.G. Wells in 1895 (Heineman). In “The Time Machine”, the nameless English voyager in his time travelling machine heads into a