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July 18, 2019

DC Comics

Breaking News: Additional Alan Moore concepts to be integrated into DC Universe

Report by Tsuitachi Yongatsu, Staff Writer, Los Angeles American superhero comics publisher DC Comics has announced plans to absorb additional characters and storylines conceptualised by legendary British writer Alan Moore into its mainstream continuity. “It’s an exciting time to be a reader of DC Comics,” said DC Comics’ creative director Geoff Johns in a press

suicide squad

Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay #1 (Review)

Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay #1 DC Comics, March 2018 Writer: Jeff Parker Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay is a new digital comic book series from American publisher DC Comics. It revolves around the government-sanctioned special operations team called the Suicide Squad, which consists of convicted super-powered criminals that perform covert operations for the government

Exhuming Promethea and The Authority – Dark Knights: The Wild Hunt #1 v Justice League # 24 (comparative review)

Dark Knights: The Wild Hunt #1 v Justice League # 24 DC Comics, March 2017 Writer: Scott Snyder (Dark Knights: The Wild Hunt); Steve Orlando (Justice League #24) American superhero comic book publisher DC Comics has been spruiking a story called Dark Knights: Metal for several months. One episode in the story, entitled Dark Knights:

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