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May 26, 2019


Squadron Supreme #1

“Squadron Supreme #1” Marvel Comics, December 2015 Writer: James Robinson Review by Neil Raymundo, 28 December 2015 It is safe to assume that US publisher Marvel Comics, flush with cash as a consequence of its purchase by entertainment giant Disney and buoyed by the success of the motion pictures based upon its characters, has the


“Thor 1” Marvel Comics, December 2015 Writer: Jason Aaron (Review by DG Stewart, 22 December 2015) In this democratic age we covet privilege but we do not necessarily respect it. Marvel Comics’ character Thor is a prince, born into power and glory, his inheritance granting him title “God of Thunder” and everything that goes with

Urban Architecture in Comic Books

Modern building materials and advanced design has meant that urban architecture, generally, has become bigger and more ambitious. Structures which seemed enormously grand in the 1940s – 1980s are now dwarfed by contemporary architecture. This has been mirrored in comic books. Some of the buildings which have appeared in the past were either mirrors of

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