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December 11, 2018


the wrong earth

The Wrong Earth #1 (review)

The Wrong Earth #1 Ahoy Comics, September 2018 Writer: Tom Peyer In 1986, American comic book publisher DC Comics published Frank Miller’s landmark Batman comic book, The Dark Knight Returns. As Nirvana’s Nevermind grunge rock album slit the throat of 80s hair metal, and as William Gibson’s watershed novel Neuromancer submerged Asimov interstellar science fiction,

Dead on arrival: plotlines that went nowhere in superhero comics

The US superhero comic book industry is built for the most part around monthly pamphlets: 22-24 page comics which build into a longer story arc in the periodical chapter tradition of Charles Dickens. When contracted writers leave a publisher-owned title upon the conclusion of their contract, they generally try to tidy things up before departure

Goodbye to the Good War: a slow decline of comic books based in World War Two?

From 1981 to 1983, veteran comic book writer Roy Thomas was the driving force behind a title called All-Star Squadron, set in 1942. Mr Thomas grew up in the 1940s and used now out-of-date idioms so as to accentuate the time period. The characters’ colloquial speech, hairstyles, dress, and attitudes towards both women and minorities

action comics

Action Comics #1000 (Review)

Action Comics #1000 DC Comics, June 2018 Writers: Dan Jurgens Peter J. Tomasi Marv Wolfman Geoff Johns and Richard Donner Scott Snyder Tom King Louise Simonson Paul Dini Brad Meltzer Brian Michael Bendis Superman is an American icon, and this milestone issue, coinciding with the 80th anniversary of the character’s creation, is (almost) all about

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