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February 20, 2019


oddest masks

The 10 Oddest Masks in Comics

Comic books sometimes appear to be an endless masquerade, character after character after character adorned in a variety of masks. Masks are an inherent part of the visual iconography of comic books. They evoke mystery and secrecy, two elements of any adventure or crime caper. Masks in Western literature and other media more broadly have

death sentence

Death Sentence: Liberty #1 (Review)

Death Sentence: Liberty #1 Writer: Monty Nero November 2018 Death Sentence: Liberty is an independent comic written by Monty Nero. It is a superhero title with a new-ish premise. Humans are prone to infection by a sexually-transmitted virus called “Super-G”. The virus is fatal, but for a time gives its victims “extranormal abilities.” These people

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