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February 20, 2019


fantastic four

Fantastic Four #5 (Review) – the Wedding of the Thing and Alicia Masters

Fantastic Four #5 – the Wedding of the Thing and Alicia Masters Marvel Comics, February 2019 Writer: Dan Slott Weddings in American superhero comics are usually ill-omened. Batman was recently left at the aisle by Catwoman; The Flash (Wally West) had his wedding to Linda Park interrupted by the villainous Abra Kadabra; Wolverine’s first wedding

Winter Soldier #1 (Review)

Winter Soldier #1 Marvel Comics, February 2019 Writer: Kyle Higgins The first time we reviewed a Winter Soldier title, back in 2014, we were not subtle in our views: “The story entirely suffers from a lack of focus at both an authorial and editorial level. There is very little to redeem the plot decisions made


Avengers #11 (Review)

Avengers #11 Marvel Comics, February 2019 Writers: Mike Morales, Ed McGuinness, and Cory Smith The cover to this comic features the Marvel Comics superhero characters Thor and Hulk (usually, “She-Hulk”) in a passionate embrace, framed by lightning. Part of this issue of The Avengers is concerned with this blossoming romance, in the form of a

Operation: Boom! #1-3 v. Detective Comics #443 – “Gotterdammerung!” (comparative review)

Reckless Hero, 2018 (Operation: Boom!) DC Comics, 1973 (Gotterdammerung!) Writers: Archie Goodwin (Gotterdammerung!) Chris Imber and Chris Jenkins (Operation: Boom!) The superhero genre much suited to posturing, capes flapping in a wind, primary colours ablaze in a sunrise. In terms of action, the genre prefers either: 1. pitched chess piece melees, with platoons of costumed

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