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March 24, 2019

Science fiction

the resurrected

The Resurrected 4 (Review)

The Resurrected 4 Carnouche Productions, December 2018 Writer: Christian Carnouche Writer Christian Carnouche has been penning science fiction comic book titles The Resurrected for over a year, and has now reached his fourth issue. (We have been following The Resurrected from its inception.) In our recent review of issue 2, we explored how the evil

Firefly 1 (review)

              Firefly 1 Boom! Studios, November 2018 Writer: Greg Pak “This isn’t what you’re expecting,” said the comic shop owner as he put a newly minted copy of Firefly 1 into a bag. But your reviewer had no expectations and no knowledge whatsoever of Firefly, other than the television


Lightstep #1 v Druuna (comparative review)

Lightstep #1 v Druuna (comparative review) Dark Horse Comics, October 2018 (Lightstep) Metal Hurlant / Dargaud / Bagheera 1985-2003 (Druuna) Writer: Miloš Slavkovic (Lightstep) Paolo Serpieri (Druuna) The idea of a human exodus from a ruined Earth is something long explored by science fiction writers. Generation starships are ecosystems within which to explore lost human

cemetery beach

Cemetery Beach #1 (Review)

Cemetery Beach #1 Image Comics, October 2018 Writer: Warren Ellis If humans successfully move off-planet and establish far-reaching colonies, will they bring with them the sins of the past? British writer Warren Ellis, a writer with a prodigious creative output, seems to think so. Presently, Mr Ellis is writing Trees, Injection, Shipwreck, The Wildstorm and

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