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July 18, 2019

Science fiction

Roots of a Mystery

“Trees” Volume 1 (review) Writer: Warren Ellis Image Comics, February 2015 Review by DG Stewart, 4 April 2016 World Comic Book Review was hoping this month to review volume 2 of “Trees”, but the publication of the second volume has been delayed until mid-year. The price to pay for enjoying the enormously creative output of

Under New Management

Turncoat #1 (review) BOOM! Studios, March 2016 Writer: Alex Paknadel Review by Neil Raymundo, 25 March 2016 “Turncoat” on the face of it is a run-of-the-mill detective story with a female protagonist. Marta Gonzales is a down-on-her-luck retired policewoman trying to make ends meet as a private investigator. Her latest case involves a rich kid

An American heart of darkness

“Manifest Destiny” Volume 1: Flora & Fauna Volume 2: Amphibia & Insecta Volume 3: Chiroptera & Carniformaves 2014-2016, Images Comics and Skybound Entertainment Writer: Chris Dingess Review by DG Stewart, 19 March 2016 Writer Joseph Conrad published his masterpiece novel “Heart of Darkness” in 1899. The novel described Mr Conrad’s experience with colonial barbarism in

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