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January 23, 2019

Science fiction

The Autumnlands Volume 1: Tooth and Claw (review)

The Autumnlands Volume 1: Tooth and Claw (review) Writer: Kurt Busiek (Image Comics, July 2015) Talking animals as the protagonists for adventures for children have a long tradition. In the twentieth century, this manifested sometimes as the printed extension of cartoons (Disney’s Mickey Mouse, and the Looney Tunes characters of Warner Bros), or as serialized

Alone Against the Rebellion

Star Wars: Vader Down #1 [review] Marvel Comics, November 2015 Writer: Jason Aaron Review by Neil Raymundo, 23 November 2015 With “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” premiere, it is not surprising that tie-ins are sprouting like mushrooms on just about any medium available to its license holder. And while Star Wars comic books were being

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