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January 23, 2019

Science fiction

Firefly 1 (review)

              Firefly 1 Boom! Studios, November 2018 Writer: Greg Pak “This isn’t what you’re expecting,” said the comic shop owner as he put a newly minted copy of Firefly 1 into a bag. But your reviewer had no expectations and no knowledge whatsoever of Firefly, other than the television


Lightstep #1 v Druuna (comparative review)

Lightstep #1 v Druuna (comparative review) Dark Horse Comics, October 2018 (Lightstep) Metal Hurlant / Dargaud / Bagheera 1985-2003 (Druuna) Writer: Miloš Slavkovic (Lightstep) Paolo Serpieri (Druuna) The idea of a human exodus from a ruined Earth is something long explored by science fiction writers. Generation starships are ecosystems within which to explore lost human

cemetery beach

Cemetery Beach #1 (Review)

Cemetery Beach #1 Image Comics, October 2018 Writer: Warren Ellis If humans successfully move off-planet and establish far-reaching colonies, will they bring with them the sins of the past? British writer Warren Ellis, a writer with a prodigious creative output, seems to think so. Presently, Mr Ellis is writing Trees, Injection, Shipwreck, The Wildstorm and

aliens 3 script

William Gibson’s Aliens 3 script to be published as a comic by Dark Horse

William Gibson is well-known as the godfather of the science fiction cyberpunk movement, principally as a consequence of the global success of his novel Neuromancer (1984). We have written about one of Mr Gibson’s recent foray into comics, and Mr Gibson embarks again into the medium with the comic book adaption of his script for

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