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July 19, 2019


Rapid Eye #1 (review)

Rapid Eye #1 (review) Tenacious Comics, 2016 Writer: Bobby Torres There is a memorable sequence in the beginning of this comic which best describes the title’s worth. An audience member asks a question of a speaker: “What risks or side effects does dream invasion technology present? The answer, from Dr Krupke, the man responsible for

Monster of the Week #1 (review)

“Monster of the Week” #1 (review) Self-Published, October 2016 Writer: Ryan Little The Kickstarter blurb for this comic opens with the following elevator-pitch: “A Giant Monster Kaiju book in the wonky tone of Adventure Time.” (“Kaiju”, as we have previously discussed, is a Japanese type of comic book dealing with enormous city-destroying creatures, in the

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