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August 18, 2019



Dunce #1-4 (Review)

Dunce #1-4Self-published, 2016-2018Writer: Jens K Styve The Sproing Award is annually awarded by the Norwegian comic-book literary society Norsk Tegneserieforum. Jens Styve’s comic strip Dunce was nominated for the award in 2018, and won. This is not the first award Mr Styve has won for Dunce. Dunce was Mr Styve’s entry for a comic strip competition run in 2016 by Norwegian

The popularity of Asterix – “Asterix et la Transitalique “

The popularity of Asterix – “Asterix et la Transitalique“ Orion Children’s Books, 2017 Writer: Jean-Yves Ferri We have previously written about the historical inaccuracy of Asterix. But we have not addressed the question: why is a story about two Gauls fighting Romans two millennia ago so popular? Thus far Asterix has spawned seven French language

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