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May 19, 2019

Posts by: DG Stewart

The Fine Line Walked

DC Comics Bombshells #1 [review] (DC Comics, October 2015) Writer: Marguerite Bennett Review by DG Stewart, 1 October 2015 American publisher DC Comics have recently released a series of statues of some of its female characters under the brand “DC Comics Bombshells”, each with a bishoojo style appearance. “Bishoojo” is the Japanese word for “beautiful

Omega Men #1 [review]: the laziest of writing and editing

One assumes that DC Comics have revitalised the concept of the obscure 1980s team of aliens, first appearing in 1981 as The Omega Men, because of the success of Marvel Entertainment’s film featuring an equally obscure group of aliens, Guardians of the Galaxy. When the concept was first published as its own title in 1983,

Charisma, fetishism, homosexuality, and violence: Midnighter #1 [review]

Midnighter # 1 (DC Comics, 2015), written by Steve Orlando and with art by Aco and Hugo Petrus, features a character who is very different from most of its superhero peers. By way of example, Midnighter’s Grindr profile, set out on the fourth page of the first issue, is most amusing: Name: M Currently: Single

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