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August 21, 2019

Posts by: DG Stewart

A tale most clearly from long ago

“Dejah Thoris” # 1 (review) Dynamite Entertainment, December 2015 Writer: Frank J Barbiere Review by DG Stewart, 24 February 2016 US comic book publisher Dynamite Entertainment have sensed the change in the demographics of comic book readership, and tried to refresh some of its licensed female character concepts by: a. employing female writers, who are likely

The Autumnlands Volume 1: Tooth and Claw (review)

The Autumnlands Volume 1: Tooth and Claw (review) Writer: Kurt Busiek (Image Comics, July 2015) Talking animals as the protagonists for adventures for children have a long tradition. In the twentieth century, this manifested sometimes as the printed extension of cartoons (Disney’s Mickey Mouse, and the Looney Tunes characters of Warner Bros), or as serialized

Gail Simone Frightens Us

Clean Room #1 Vertigo Comics, December 2015 Writer: Gail Simone Review by DG Stewart, 27 January 2015 Gail Simone is a comic book writer with a deserved reputation in characterisation. In titles such as “Birds of Prey”, “Batgirl”, “Secret Six”, and most recently “Tomb Raider”, Ms Simone takes often but not exclusively female characters and

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