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May 23, 2019

Posts by: DG Stewart

The Slow Boil Lacks Steam

Dark Knight Returns III: The Master Race DC Comics, February 2016 Writers: Brian Azzarello and Frank Miller Review by DG Stewart, 12 January 2016 One of the most striking pages of one of DC Comics’ epic titles, “The Dark Knight Returns” (1986) by Frank Miller, features the character Batman, an ordinary human, aged, silver-haired and

The Undead Hunters of Tokyo

Tokyo Ghoul Vol 1 Shueisha Inc (Japanese original) 2011; Viz Media (English translation) June 2015 Writer: Sui Ishida Review by DG Stewart, 8 January 2016 “Kodokushi” is the Japanese word for “lonely death”: a common enough phenomenon in Japan where haunting alienation from the community is prevalent as a consequence of, amongst other things, Japan’s

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