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August 21, 2019

Posts by: DG Stewart

Burn the Oracle

“Thriller” 1-8 Writer: Robert Loren Fleming DC Comics, 1983 Review by DG Stewart, 16 March 2016. The early 1980s is an interesting time to revisit in respect of prophetic visions. Science fiction writers like William Gibson, Robert Heinlein and others predicted the internet. Gibson also anticipated the rise of the importance of biotechnology. Politics and

Lord Cardigan’s Sabre: “James Bond 007: Vargr” 1-5 (review)

“James Bond 007: Vargr” 1-5 Dynamite Entertainment, 2016 Writer: Warren Ellis Review by DG Stewart, 26 February 2016 It seems obvious that, given the project of writing a James Bond story, British writer Warren Ellis was always going to return to the source material. Ian Fleming, the English spy who wrote the original James Bond

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