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May 26, 2019

Posts by: DG Stewart

The Five #1: The Birth of 21st Century Archetypes

The Five #1 (review) ( Mysteria Maxima Media, April 2016) Writer: Laith Tierney An independent publication from Australia, issue one of “The Five” explores the creation of a modern Illuminati. Members of this secret society are a pantheon of sorts: a god of international money markets, a god of global fame, a goddess of pornography,

Thunderbolts #1: A Childlike Evil

Thunderbolts #1 (review) (Marvel Comics, July 2016) Writer: Jim Zub In William Gibson’s groundbreaking science fiction novel “Neuromancer” (Ace, 1984), a psychopathic character, the charming and perverted Peter Riviera, is described as being a product of the radioactive ruins of Bonn, one of a group of feral children who engaged in cannibalism to survive. The

The Totally Awesome Hulk #4: A Korean-American Hulk

“The Totally Awesome Hulk” #4 (review) (Marvel Comics, May 2016) Writer: Greg Pak There is a principle in modern comedy whereby a joke which is racist, sexist, or slights homosexual people is only appropriate when the comedian shares the same ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation as the individual or group which is the target of

Aliens: Defiance #1: Weyland-Yutani’s Rogue

Aliens: Defiance #1 (Dark Horse Comics, April 2016) Writer: Brian Wood One of the most striking characters in the movie “Alien” (Twentieth Century Fox, 1979) was the android character called Ash. The movie is set partly in deep space, and partly on a misty planet, where a face-hugging monster leaps out of eggs lurking in

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