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February 20, 2019

Posts by: DG Stewart

Aliens: Resistance #1 (review)

Aliens: Resistance #1Dark Horse Comics, January 2019Writer: Brian Wood This title builds upon the stories of previous titles: Alien: Isolation, and Aliens: Defiance. We have previously reviewed the second of those titles back in 2016. Writer Brian Wood has his two heroes from both stories, Amanda Ripley and Zula Hendricks, join forces. Hendricks and Ripley have been traumatised

Young Justice #1 (review)

Young Justice #1DC Comics, March 2019Writer: Brian Michael Bendis American writer Brian Michael Bendis appears to have been given both authorial and curatorial control over a new DC Comics imprint: “Wonder Comics”. This apparently might-hearted imprint includes the titles Naomi, Wonder Twins, Dial H for Hero, and this title, Young Justice. It is fun but primarily for long term

The White Druid and Michael Nero #1 (Review)

The White Druid and Michael Nero #1Omen Comics, May 2019Writers: Michael Nunneley (plot) and Steve Sellers In August 2016, we wrote about Warren Ellis’ use of the concept of the “cunning man” in his title Injection. Cunning folk, as described in this dissertation published by the University of Warwick, performed good deeds upon request, using spells and

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