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August 19, 2019

Posts by: DG Stewart

Kill Six Billion Demons (Volume 1) (Review)

Kill Six Billion Demons (Volume 1)Image Comics, March 2016. Purchased: Comiczone, Perth, AustraliaWriter and artist: Abaddon (Tom Parkinson-Morgan) Allison: “God is… dead? So who’s… like, in charge?Aeon: “What happens to a man’s house when he dies? The cats, the rats, and the cockroaches take over.” (This review deals only with Volume 1. Our review of

Hardbody #1 (review)

Hardbody #1Writer: Fred Schwartz  Writer Fred Schwarz and his team take a long, wry look at gym culture in this new independent title, Hardbody.  Borrowing heavily from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1818), Mr Schwartz wonders what are the aesthetic limits to physical perfection, and to what extent a person is willing to cheat. Mr Schwartz has a very useful

Heroes in Crisis #7 (review)

DC Comics, May 2019. Purchased: Quality Comics, Perth, AustraliaWriter: Tom King We have previously reviewed Heroes in Crisis #1-3  – and favourably, noting that for the first time, an American comic book publisher is treating mental health as something other than the secret origin of the supervillain-of-the-week. But with this latest issue, American writer Tom King is now

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