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August 6, 2020

United Kingdom

Unfamiliar Skies #1-2 (Review)

Unfamiliar Skies #1-2 Sam Webster, 2016-2017 UK writer and artist Sam Webster has written a comic ideal for the pre-teen, animated Star Wars demographic. It features many of the indicia of Star Wars: interstellar spacecraft the size of cars, bug-eyed aliens (some friendly, some treacherous, some hustling for what they can get), a “void wyrm”

20 Storeys Down #1 (Review)

20 Storeys Down #1 Villainous Intent Ltd, 2016 Writer: Marc Olvent It is not often that we see a story where the protagonist is a place rather than a person. In “20 Storeys Down”, an independent publication written by Marc Olvent, despite the action being centred around a man saving the passengers on a Tube

Plague #1 (Review)

Plague #1 Markosia, March, 2017 Writers: Dennis MaGee Fallon, Jason Palmatier “Plague” is a new fantasy comic book mini-series from British comic book publisher Markosia. The comic’s title is derived from the historical setting, the year 1352 A.D. Bubonic plague (also known as the Black Death) swept through Europe and killed millions of people (and

The Eight Most Iconic Guns in Comic Books

Guns and comic books have a long-standing relationship, but the use of guns in comic books very much dependent upon the respective comic book sub-genre. War-themed comic books published during World War Two and after featured characters which had, as a rule, no qualms about shooting dead opposing soldiers in often stylised, bloodless battle scenes.

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