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December 15, 2019


About the Death of Many Cats

“Scarlet Witch #1” Marvel Comics, December 2, 2015 Writer: James Robinson “Scarlet Witch #1” is part of Marvel Comic’s All-New, All-Different (ANAD) rebranding campaign. The proposition is that the role and visual identities of established superheroes are taken over by other characters. There is a palpable sense of invigoration attached to the process, and especially

Out of the Dust

Old Man Logan #1, #2 [review] Marvel Comics, November 2015, December 2015 Writer: Brian Michael Bendis Review by DG Stewart, 21 November 2015 Under the moniker “Secret Wars”, Marvel Comics have recently and confusingly sewn together several of its character continuities in a way which is utterly impenetrable to the casual reader. The idea is

The Fine Line Walked

DC Comics Bombshells #1 [review] (DC Comics, October 2015) Writer: Marguerite Bennett Review by DG Stewart, 1 October 2015 American publisher DC Comics have recently released a series of statues of some of its female characters under the brand “DC Comics Bombshells”, each with a bishoojo style appearance. “Bishoojo” is the Japanese word for “beautiful

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