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10th August 2022

Hotel: Since 2079 (Review)

Hotel: Since 2079
Kodansha, 2004/2006
Author: Boichi (Mujik Park)

In 2004, South Korean Manhwa artist Mujik Park wrote and illustrated a sci-fi manhwa titled “Hotel: Since 2076” under the nom de plume “Boichi.” The manhwa told the story of an artificially intelligent tower tasked with preserving DNA samples of life on Earth, as the planet had become uninhabitable and all living things ceased to exist.

In 2006, Boichi’s “Hotel: Since 2079” was picked up by Japanese manga publisher Kodansha for its “Weekly Morning” magazine. An updated version was created as the first in a 5-chapter serial anthology under the “Hotel” brand. In addition to the updated “Hotel: Since 2079”, the serial also includes “Present”, “Subete wa Maguro no Tame data” (“It Was All for the Tuna”), “Stephanos”, and “Diadem”. Some of these stories reference events in “Hotel: Since 2079” but are not necessarily beholden to its continuity.

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One Punch Man (review)

One Punch Man Self-Published/Shueisha/Viz Media, 2009-present Author: One “One-Punch Man” originally started in 2009 as a shonen parody webcomic by an author working under the pseudonym “One.” The webcomic employs a crude amateurish art style that fits in perfectly with the tone of the story. The plot revolves around a mysterious hero named “Saitama” and … Read more

Dragon Ball Super (Review)

“Dragon Ball Super”  Shueisha/VIZ Media, June 20, 2015 – ongoing Writer: Akira Toriyama, Toyotarou Dragon Ball Super is the manga sequel to Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball shonen franchise, which originally ran from December 3, 1984 to June 5, 1995. The franchise became globally successful due to the anime adaptation, which was dubbed and released outside … Read more

Gods of Life Volume 1 (review)

Gods of Life Volume 1 (review) Shining Otaku Comics LLC, 2016 Writer: Ervin Johnson II Despite originating in Michigan, this 163 page epic comic book is decidedly very manga in style and themes. Hidden amidst the extended action scenes is an intriguing story of stealthy revolution and revenge. Emeni is a girl who has had … Read more