World Comic Book Review

17th March 2023

Dokudami Tenement (review)

Writer and artist: Takashi Fukutani, Weekly Manga Times. 1979-1992 The review is based on the Italian edition, a “best of” containing a couple of chapters from the original manga. For the English market, please refer to Black Hook Press. There’s something about life that sometimes does not work properly for us. We have dreams, we … Read more

Uzamaki (revisited)

Uzumaki Writer and Artist: Junji Ito Publisher : Viz, 2013 (originally 1998-99) Horror requires the creation of a structure putting into motion a feeling of uneasiness. We are supposed to find the fictive world in front of us so unsettling that, in the end, we start shivering. There is, in other words, the necessity of … Read more

Panorama of Hell (revisited)

Writer and Artist: Hideshi Hino, 1984 This review is based on the French edition published by IMHO in 2020. The English version has been translated and published in the USA by Blast Books. Hell, someone said, is not a world that exists beyond ours, rather behind it. There is no transcendence, only the eye that … Read more