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4th July 2022

Panorama of Hell (revisited)

Writer and Artist: Hideshi Hino, 1984 This review is based on the French edition published by IMHO in 2020. The English version has been translated and published in the USA by Blast Books. Hell, someone said, is not a world that exists beyond ours, rather behind it. There is no transcendence, only the eye that … Read more

Mujirushi: The Sign of Dreams (review)

Writer/Artist : Naoki Urasawa Publisher (for the English market) : Viz Media LLC Year : 2018 (Japan/France) – 2020 (English market) The review is based on the Italian edition of 2021, published by Panini Comics – Planet Manga, translated by Mayumi Kobayashi It goes without saying that when asked to name a list of museums, … Read more

Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths (revisited)

Creator: Shigeru Mizuki First published in in Japanese in Kodansha magazine Shukan Gendai, 1973 Published in English by : Drawn & Quarterly Year : 2018 (first publication 2011) There are not many people left who fought in the Second World War. One day (not too far in the future) there will be no one left to tell what … Read more