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23rd May 2022

Aldous Spark: Meddler in History and Other Unsavoury Affairs #1 (review)

Aldous Spark: Meddler in History and Other Unsavoury Affairs #1 Grenade Fight Inc., 2017 Writers: Andrew Maxwell and Peter Miriani This steampunk comic book aims for a particular target. Aldous Spark is a member of a Victorian era society of do-gooders. In order to achieve his purposes, Aldous deploys an array of steampunk devices including … Read more

Shaolin Grandmaster Killer #1 (Review)

Shaolin Grandmaster Killer #1
Zteroid Entertainment, 2017
Writer: Thomas Sluzalek

Many independent comic creators have turned to the fundraising site for investment, with varying degrees of success. Thomas Sluzalek, the writer and artist of this new title, “Shaolin Grandmaster Killer” is one of them.

Notwithstanding the grandiose and Chinese martial arts-inspired title, this story is submerged in a decidedly British comic book ethos. By this, we refer to the off-best science fiction- themed comic books published by 2000AD Comics, the influence of which is a monolithic shadow over the British comic book scene since the late 1970s. This is most evident within “Shaolin Grandmaster Killer” upon examination of the denizens of a dystopian establishment, a lawless, futuristic and decadent black market, located on the back of a flying and “tamed” kaiji called Megara. People with 1980s mirror shades, spikes for hair, and a total absence of civility occupy this haunt. Undiluted violence and gore abound. Drugs, alcohol, slaves and sex are the stock in trade, but also, quirkily, classic action figures. It would not have been out of place in this morally toxic but oddball habitat to have stumbled upon Captain Skank, a cyborg foe of 2000AD Comics’ Judge Dredd, or 2000AD’s Strontium Dogs.

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Going Home Again: David Hahn’s Private Beach Highlights Comics’ Strength at Returning to Old Territory

Dipping a toe into the large and varied world of indie and mature reader fare in 2002 might have resulted in the chance encounter with a rare gem of a mini-series called “Private Beach: Fun and Perils in the Trudyverse”. This title was born at a crossroad between the ’90s slacker flick “Reality Bites”, and … Read more

Dark Beach #1-2 (Review)

Dark Beach #1-2 Merely Human Studios, LLC, 2017 Writers: Michael J Rulz-Unger and Tucker Tota “Gordo dreams of a sun he has never seen,” the first issue of this title begins gently. “They told us the old sun was gone.” Dystopias in comic books are rarely quiet. This title, “Dark Beach”, creaks and shuffles with … Read more