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24th November 2022

The Life and Death of Fritz the Cat

Writer and Artist: Robert Crumb Publisher : Fantagraphics Books Year : 2017 Anthropomorphic animals, that is, the idea of giving other creatures the same (or some of the) features of human beings goes back to the dawn of human culture. There is a plethora of characters from ancient Greece. Take Aesop and his many a … Read more

Un hombre con sombrero (revisited)

Writer/Artist : Gustavo Roldán Publisher : Malpaso Editorial Year : 2018 Language : Spanish Hats, so we are told, are objects we put on our head. Hats, if we are not mistaken, can protect us from the direct action of the sun (warming up our brains to not too delicate temperatures) or the fangs of … Read more

Space Oddities #1 (review)

Writers: Ben Robinson and Jon Williams Artist: Jon Williams Independently published, March 2021 Space Oddities is a sci-fi adventure comic created by the effervescent duo of Ben Robinson and Jon Williams, with illustrations handled by the latter. (Messrs Robinson and Williams are well-known for their podcast, Geekxploration.) The comic is independently published and the first … Read more