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12th August 2022

Moonshine #5 (Review)

Moonshine #5
Image Comics, February 2017
Writer: Brian Azzarello

It’s hard to think of a current comic with a pulpier premise than that of Moonshine by American publisher Image Comics. The series, in short, tells a Southern tale of hillbilly werewolves and the mafioso gangsters who want them dead.

Luckily, pulp is where creators Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso are most at home. The duo began their collaboration with the lauded noir tale “100 Bullets” as part of DC Comics under the Vertigo imprint. After forays into the superhero and science-fiction genres, the duo’s arrival at Image Comics marks their return to crime-driven stories.

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Blood Blister #1 (Review)

Blood Blister #1 AfterShock Comics, January 2017 Writer: Phil Hester Blood Blister is a new horror comic book series from American publisher AfterShock Comics. It is written and co-created by American comic book scribe Phil Hester. The story focuses on a man named Brandon Hull, who is a smooth-talking, sociopathic lawyer who would deceive and … Read more

Geis: A Matter of Life and Death (Review)

Geis: A Matter of Life and Death
Nobrow, 2016
Writer:Alexis Deacon

On the face of it, “Geis: A Matter of Life and Death” looks like a teenage fantasy comic, with its cover of a curious and very young blonde girl in blue sackcloth wielding an old fashioned lantern, prowling around a darkened library. Instead, “Geis” is a sinister horror story with curiously feminist undertones.

When Matarka, the leader of a city known only as the Capital, dies, her successor is to be chosen in accordance with her enchanted will. Many potential candidates are summoned into a hall where the dead chieftain’s body lies in state. Each of the forty or so assembled people, ranging from the leader of the army to apparently ordinary and normal citizens, sign a document whereby they each agree to abide by the outcome of the selection process.

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Honor and Curse #1 (review)

Honor and Curse #1 (review)
Mad Cave Studios, 2016
Writer: Mark London

Writing historical fiction can be difficult, and particularly when dealing with a place which has a different language and culture from that of the writer. This title is set in sixteenth century Kyoto. As far as historical accuracy goes, this comic does not capture it, with its improbably green-eyed heroes sporting long Dragonball-esque pony-tails instead of chonmage (the traditional topknot worn by Japanese fighters in the Edo period). If this issue has any significant flaw, it is that the writer, Mark London (who we assume like the publisher, Mad Cave Studios, is based in Florida), did not take more care to ground the story in medieval Kyoto by reference to landmarks which exist to this day, like Kamigamo-jinja Shrine.

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