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10th August 2022

Manifest Destiny Volume 6 (review): Fortis and Invisibilia

Image Comics, September 2019 Writer: Chris Dingless Artist: Matthew Roberts Unless the memory of it is shoved in our faces, we tend to forget the salve with civilisation offers. Civilisation, opportunity, health, and social mobility are part of a journey, and in the context of colonialism, invariably had a nasty beginning. This comic looks at … Read more

Matteo Book One: 1814-1915 (review)


Matteo Book One: 1814-1915EuroComics (IDW Publishing), November 2018Writer: Jean-Pierre Gibrat This beautiful comic is the English language translation of Matteo: Premiere Epoque published in 2012. It is concerned with the jealousy-fueled adventures of a Spanish refugee named Matteo Cortes, living as a farm labourer in the beautiful seaside town of Collioure on the French side of Catalonia. … Read more

Death to the Tsar (Review)

death to the tsar

Death to the Tsar Titan Comics, February 2018 Writer: Fabien Nury Death to the Tsar is the English language translation of Mort au Tsar, published by Dargaud in 2016. The English translation was published earlier this year, and coincided with the release of the motion picture The Death of Stalin. Both the comic book version … Read more

Manifest Destiny Volumes 5 (Mnenophobia and Chronophobia)

Manifest Destiny Volumes 5 (Mnenophobia and Chronophobia) Image Comics, Writer: Chris Dingess Once upon a time, Western-genre comic books sold well to an enthusiastic audience. A post-World War Two desire for a simpler, overwhelmingly white age of exploration, colonisation, and conquest of Native Americans manifested in motion pictures, books, radio, and comic books. The white … Read more