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10th August 2022

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (review)

Writer: John Reppion Artist: Mark Penman Independently published, 2021 Aficionadoes of medieval English will enjoy this new interpretation of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, a tale written in around 1350AD and forming part of the canon of the tales of Camelot. Appropriately, it is put together by two Englishmen, John Reppion and Mark Penman. … Read more

A Walk Through Hell (review)

Early on, during the point where The Pandemic was still just “That thing that’s like the flu, but a little worse” in the minds of most U.S. Americans, a book written by Garth Ennis with art by Goran Sudzuka, was quietly released in a market glutted with many works and a lot of horror competing for the eyeballs and off hours of readers across the world.

Paracuellos revisited

Writer and Artist: Carlos Giménez The review is based on the Spanish “Todo Paracuellos – Edición conmemorativa 40 aniversario”, published by Debolsillo in 2016. A shortened English version was published in 2016 by IDW, with a preface by Will Eisner. When Civil War broke out in France, the idea was that two different, opposite points … Read more

The Plague and Doctor Caim (review)

Writer and Artist: G.E. Gallas Cast Iron Books, 2021 What poignant thing is this? The Plague and Doctor Caim concerns a medieval doctor trying to save the lives of the infected during the time of the Black Death. Creator G.E. Gallas started to write this title well before the current global Covid-19 pandemic, and offers … Read more