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September 19, 2019


Pretty Deadly #10 (review)

Pretty Deadly #10 (review) (Image Comics, June 2016) Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick A dark, strange comic which started as an infusion of American mysticism and the Western cowboy tradition, “Pretty Deadly” was as stark on the comics landscape as a hoodoo in the Sonora. An example of this strangeness is the narrative. It is a

Alpha King #1 (review)

Alpha King #1 (review) (Image Comics, May 2016) Writers: Brian Azzarello, Nick Floyd and Simon Bisley Promotional tie-ins between comics and various goods and services are commonplace. Most usually these tie-ins are linked to toys or movies. Some of these have been exceptionally successful, for example, “Transformers”. More blatant, perhaps, is various American publishers’ efforts

The Beautiful Fools

Bill and Ted Go To Hell 1 (of 4) Writer: Brian Joines Boom! Studios, February 2016 Review by DG Stewart, 2 March 2016 American film actor Keanu Reeves made his fame in two quirky films produced by US film company Interscope, entitled, respectively, “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” (1989) and “Bill and Ted’s Bogus Adventure”

Not Just Another Princess

Another Castle #1 (review) Oni Press, March 2016 Writers: Andrew Wheeler Review by Neil Raymundo, 8 March 2016 It seems appropriate that we are reviewing this title on International Women’s Day. At first blush, Oni Press’ “Another Castle” seems targeted exclusively towards children. The art style features Manga-esque large eyes, exaggerated facial expressions that bring

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