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Category: Espionage

James Bond 007: Hammerhead (Review)

James Bond 007: Hammerhead Dynamite Entertainment, August 2017 (collected edition) Writer: Andy Diggle This is our second look at US publisher Dynamite Entertainment’s license of

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Allies #1 (Review)

Allies #1 Bubble Comics, March 2017 Writer: Natalia Devova “Allies” is a new comic book series from Russian comic book publisher Bubble Comics. The new

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Russians in Comic Books

As tensions between the West and Russia have dramatically increased in the past year, so too has the characterisation of Russia in Western comic books.

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Injection Vol 1 (Review)

“Injection” Vol 1 (review) Image Comics, July 2016 Writer: Warren Ellis British writer Warren Ellis has been intensely prolific over the past year, penning the

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The Nice Young Man

International Iron Man 1 Marvel Comics, May 2016 Writer: Brian Michael Bendis Review by DG Stewart, 9 April 2016 This title has been promoted both

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The Old Game

Black Widow 1 Marvel Comics, May 2016 Writers: Chris Samnee and Mark Waid Review by DG Stewart, 4 March 2016 In 2006 acclaimed British comic

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