World Comic Book Review

18th March 2023

The Rocketeer v All-Star Squadron: a comparative review

In this comparative review, we compare two quite different American titles, with action set in the late 1930s and early 1940s, published within a year of each other in the early 1980s. Our conclusion is that they share a surprisingly similar core premise. We cover only two periods of each title: the original series of … Read more

Operation: Boom! #1-3 v. Detective Comics #443 – “Gotterdammerung!” (comparative review)

Reckless Hero, 2018 (Operation: Boom!) DC Comics, 1973 (Gotterdammerung!) Writers: Archie Goodwin (Gotterdammerung!) Chris Imber and Chris Jenkins (Operation: Boom!) The superhero genre much suited to posturing, capes flapping in a wind, primary colours ablaze in a sunrise. In terms of action, the genre prefers either: 1. pitched chess piece melees, with platoons of costumed … Read more

Lightstep #1 v Druuna (comparative review)


Lightstep #1 v Druuna (comparative review) Dark Horse Comics, October 2018 (Lightstep) Metal Hurlant / Dargaud / Bagheera 1985-2003 (Druuna) Writer: Miloš Slavkovic (Lightstep) Paolo Serpieri (Druuna) The idea of a human exodus from a ruined Earth is something long explored by science fiction writers. Generation starships are ecosystems within which to explore lost human … Read more

Worse Things Happen At Sea v No Place Like Space (Comparative Review)

no place like space

Worse Things Happen At Sea v No Place Like Space No-Brow Press, 2017 / Helio Press, 2017 Writer (and artist) of “Worse Things Happen At Sea: Kellie Strøm Writer (and artist) of “No Place Like Space”: Ashley Ronning When is a comic a comic? Independent publisher No Brow Press has a series of illustrated books … Read more