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4th July 2022

Happy Thirtieth Birthday, Amanda Waller

May 1987 saw the conclusion of the comic book series Legends, a six issue title from American comic book publisher DC Comics. Perhaps the most significant development from Legends was the creation and introduction of the character Amanda Waller into DC Comics’ continuity. In the pages of the first issue of Legends, a uniformed and … Read more

Kingdom Come, Twenty One Years Later

We are a year late in our review of the anniversary of Kingdom Come. It was published in 1996. Here, nonetheless, are the thoughts of two of our writers on the classic comic: Kingdom Come (Review) by Tom Kelly American publisher DC Comics has a long publication history, largely in the superhero genre. Today, DC … Read more

“Lost in the Funhouse” Thirty Years Later: Uncanny X-Men Giant Sized Annual Vol. 1 #11

“Lost in the Funhouse” Thirty Years Later: Uncanny X-Men Giant Sized Annual Vol. 1 #11 Marvel Comics, November 1987 Writer: Chris Claremont Chris Claremont wrote Uncanny X-Men for US publisher Marvel Comics from 1975 to 1991, a period of time comparable to peers in the French comic book industry but unheard of in the American comic book … Read more

Camelot 3000 – 35 Year Anniversary

Camelot 3000 – 35 Year Anniversary DC Comics, 1982-1985 Writer: Mike W. Barr Camelot 3000, a story about the return of King Arthur (the subject of British legend and of the 14th century works of Sir Thomas Mallory) and the reincarnation of his allies and enemies in a science fiction future of aliens and ray … Read more