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19th May 2022

Salty Seductions of the Salacious Seas (review)—“Love is the motive right or wrong”

Writer: David Doub Artist: Pat Binder Diamond, February 2022 Entering this finely drawn story in the quiet meadows of Cornwall, traveling in a carriage drawn by a team of four horses, looks more comfortable than it could have been, due to the charming penmanship of both writer David Doub and artist Pat Binder, leading us … Read more

Sidney Hammer—“Through the night longing for day”

Story and art: Massacre Embellished: Dani Seijas Amigo Amigo Comics, 2019 FLIRTING WITH BIGGER ART in European albums, deluxe editions, and hardbound absolute and omnibus collections, I skirted back to search in standard magazine formats so familiar in the mid-decades of the last century, like those dad stacked in boxes in the attic, archiving adventures, … Read more

Heroes Godsend Volume 2 (revisited)—“Pain leaves a stain”

Writer: Joey Falco Artists: Roy Allen Martinez, Ester Salguero Titan Comics ONE BEAUTY OF PRAYER is the underlying assurance that god speaks your language and might care to listen. Feel free to talk. Comfort in prayer, or achieving focus through prayer is a central feature in HEROES GODSEND, portraying the life of a Pakistani daughter … Read more

Dissident X (revisited)

Story and art: Arnold and Jacob Pander Dark Horse, December 2019 SOMEBODY MUST THINK IT’S FUNNY to put lies in the news to bamboozle the public, though we don’t know who, because it’s secret. “One thing’s for sure,” hero Hans Nobel muses as he spirals down a toxic drain into the sea, “the truth doesn’t … Read more