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27th May 2022

Lobo #42 (1993) The Dance of Death (revisited) – “Love fails before the aliens even arrive”

Writer: Alan Grant Artist: Ariel Olivetti and mates DC Comics, 1993                                SMOKE FROM CALIFORNIA WILDFIRES reached Portland in fall 2018, dimmed the sky and shrouded the city in a filmy residue of incinerated forests, towns, and bodies, to be expected every year now as temperatures rise, and days remain bright and dry even as … Read more

The Manhattan Projects (review)—“Suspect no further come closer”

Writer: Jonathan Hickman Artist: Nick Pitarra Image Comics, 2012-2015 HOW DOES THE MONGOOSE entice the cobra? Should the cobra not be scared out of its wits and eager to turn away? Is it one of those, hi I’m a lovely black widow thing or the shrinking violet flytrap? Whatever, this comic, THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS, gave … Read more

Images of “Omaha The Cat Dancer” (1992) (review): Benefit for Reed Waller—“Love is all around”

by Various Artists and Bozos Kitchen Sink, 1992 RUMMAGING AROUND FUTURE DREAMS overstuffed comics and books fantasy shop, I turned over a neglected stack on a bottom shelf and found a square envelope with a logo I immediately recognized: a totem of wings spread down and across, framing a tousled heart in the corner with … Read more

Jessica Jones: Uncaged! (volume 2) (review)—“Sometimes she wants less brains and more wings”

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis Artists: Michael Gaydos and Matt Hollingsworth Marvel Comics, collected volume 2017 GRIT-TONED SEPIA CITY SCENES need a good story to keep you glued to the grime. I continue to be amazed how Brian Michael Bendis pulls it off as in the volume of Jessica Jones Uncaged!, collecting issues 1-6, where people … Read more