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23rd January 2022

Picture a Favela (revisited)

Creators : André Diniz & Maurício Hora Publisher (English edition) : SelfMadeHero Year : 2011 (original Portuguese) – 2012 (English edition) What a favela is does not take long to answer: a place where people with next to no money live. Poverty abounds, then, and where poverty rules, so rule criminality, ignorance, brutality and ugliness; … Read more

Batman: Reptilian (review)

Writer : Garth Ennis Artist : Liam Sharp Publisher : DC Comics Year : 2021 (miniseries 1-6) Batman, as a character, has become part of global popular culture, popular being here a way of highlighting a certain anthropological and social attitude towards what might be called modern folklore. Created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane, … Read more

Mujirushi: The Sign of Dreams (review)

Writer/Artist : Naoki Urasawa Publisher (for the English market) : Viz Media LLC Year : 2018 (Japan/France) – 2020 (English market) The review is based on the Italian edition of 2021, published by Panini Comics – Planet Manga, translated by Mayumi Kobayashi It goes without saying that when asked to name a list of museums, … Read more

Grafity’s Wall (revisited)

Writer : Ram V Artist : Anand Radhakrishnan Publisher : Dark Horse Year : 2018 A wall is supposed to be used to keep unwanted elements outside; these can either be the cold period of winter, the hellishly hot days of summer, or even creatures, ranging from dogs and cats (usually those which do not … Read more