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May 25, 2017


Big Moose #1 (Review)

Big Moose #1 Archie Comics Publications, June 2017 Writers: Sean Ryan, Ryan Cady, Gorf “Big Moose” is a new comic book “one-shot” spin off from United States publisher Archie Comics’ line of teen-targeted comedy series. It features the ancillary character Marmaduke “Moose” Mason, who is characterized as the best athlete in Archie Comics’ fictional Riverdale

Trump Organisation to Buy Iconic “Superman” Comic Character

In a press statement issued yesterday (May 31), The Trump Group of Companies have announced a US $2.2 billion cash-and-equity deal to acquire the comic book character “Superman” from US entertainment company Warner Bros, a subsidiary of Time Warner Inc (NYSE:TWX). Various business newspapers have noted that the deal is not subject to any regulatory

The curious case of Batman ’66 slot machines (WCBR’s editorial position regarding product placement on our site)

Something curious happened to the World Comic Book Review in late 2016. Below is an email exchange we have had with Thomas, an employee of Media Top. Our commentary appears between each email. ** Name: Thomas Email: [A Gmail account] Website: Comment: Hello, I am writing on behalf of Media Top online agency. We would

Ten Famous Comics in Haiku

This piece, which is a review only in the loosest sense, is inspired by David Bader’s book, “One Hundred Great Books in Haiku” (Penguin Books, 2010). As the promotional copy for Mr Bader’s book notes, “In the sixteenth century, Zen monks in Japan developed the haiku, an unrhymed poetic form consisting of 17 syllables arranged

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