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May 25, 2017


In the market for a giant weaponised robot? It pays to buy Japanese.

North Dakota in the United States has legislation which specifically allows flying drones used for policing to be equipped with Tasers, pepper spray and rubber bullets. This is not new thinking. Comic books both in the US and Japan have long considered militarised robots, although ordinarily on a gargantuan scale for visual effect. (For the

Imaginary Stocks To Buy

Imaginary Stocks To Buy An investment review of the fictional corporations of comic books and manga DG Stewart, 18 July 2016 In 2011, Forbes, a business magazine, listed the twenty-five fictional companies out of the realm of comic books and manga, there were only three that made the cut in Forbes’ list: a. Wayne Enterprises

Project Nemesis #1-6 (review)

Project Nemesis #1-6 (review) (American Gothic Press, October 2015 – June 2016) Writer: Jeremy Robinson American Gothic Press’ “Project Nemesis” is a comic book adaptation of the same-titled novel. “Project Nemesis” starts with two plot springboards: a. the murder of a young Japanese girl named Maigo; and b. the discovery of what seems like the

Marvel Vehicles: Owner’s Workshop Manual (review)

Marvel Vehicles Owner’s Workshop Manual (review) (Haynes Publishing, 2014) Writer: Alex Irvine Haynes manuals are well-known to car and motorcycle enthusiasts as an eminent resource for the maintenance and repair of certain types of vehicles. The series of manuals covers approximately 300 cars and 150 motorcycles. Occasionally however Haynes branches out into areas outside of

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