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September 19, 2018

Posts by: DG Stewart

moth & whisper

Moth & Whisper #1 (Review)

Moth & Whisper #1 Aftershock Comics, September 2018 Writer: Ted Anderson Like humour, a mystery is entirely dependent on timing. Moth & Whisper is a new comic from American publisher Aftershock Comics, with a mysterious and engaging name and an intriguing cover. The two title characters are mysterious thieves: The Moth is a criminal who

ghost beach

Ghost Beach: a Storm Clouds story

Ghost Beach: a Storm Clouds story Writer and publisher: Ben Mitchell, 2017 What happens when everything around you gets incrementally darker, and there is nothing you can do about it but reluctantly join the darkness? And what if you were compelled to make this decision not at the gates of some murky supernatural hell, but

Gintama Concludes After Fourteen Years…. but not really.

Gintama Shonen Jump, 2004-2018 Writer: Sorachi Hideaki Japanese manga Gintama is an esoteric alternative reality story, written by Sorachi Hideaki since 2004. It has been extremely popular in Japan: over 55 million copies of the manga are in print, and it has been adapted into a broadcast television anime, two anime movies, two live action

Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007 Case Files Volume 1 (review)

Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007 Case Files Volume 1 Dynamite Entertainment, 2018 Writers: Kieron Gillen, Jody Houser, Ibrahim Moustafa, and Declan Shalvey American publisher Dynamite Entertainment continues its publication of tales of adventure featuring British spy James Bond and his supporting cast of characters, all of which are owned and licensed by Ian Fleming Publications

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