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“When critics are really good writers, it’s nice whether they like your work or not.”

— Gail Simone

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November 18, 2017

Posts by: DG Stewart

The Wildstorm #2-8 (Review)

The Wildstorm #2-8 DC Comics, 2017 Writer: Warren Ellis We have previously reviewed The Wildstorm #1, and favourably. This should be no surprise to long-standing readers of the World Comic Book Review. Our reviews of British writer Warren Ellis’ body of work includes the brilliant Trees, James Bond: Vargr, Injection, and Karnak #1. Mr Ellis

The Batman Who Laughs #1: DC Comics’ worst, most poorly-thought through concept in its history is about to be published

The Batman Who Laughs #1 DC Comics, November 2017 Writer: Scott Snyder American superhero comic book publisher DC Comics has made some disturbing editorial decisions over recent years. These include: a. a plot around a weaponised baby, apparently in pain, courtesy of Geoff Johns in Justice League #50 (which we have previously reviewed) b. the

Dominatrix: Hellbent in Heels #1 (of 3) (Review)

Dominatrix: Hellbent in Heels #1 (of 3) Arcana Studios, September 2017 Writer: Erik Hendrix Prostitution, and escort services more broadly, provide a lifestyle which can hard to shake off. Many workers in the industry, fortunate or clever enough to be in working scenarios where they avoid excessive drug use and violence, can find it hard

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