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March 22, 2018

Posts by: DG Stewart

Ack #1-3 (review)

Ack #1-3 Independently published, 2013-2018 Writer: Maxwell Yezpitelok The superhero genre can rarely be accused of not taking itself seriously enough. A man in a cape posturing under a flag, perched on a gargoyle, or flying amidst the clouds on some random but altruistic patrol are images ingrained into the global consciousness. The publication of

SuperTokyoLand (Review)

SuperTokyoLand Top Shelf Productions, 2015 (English translation) Writer: Benjamin Reiss When bathing in that deepest of self-absorbed writing indulgence, the autobiography, there is a natural tendency for the unsophisticated towards apology, justification, or penitence. SuperTokyoLand is an autobiographical adventure of a French cartoonist’s extended stay in Japan, but has none of these things. As an

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